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                Custom-made Ceramic
                and Glass Components

                Macor® - Machinable Glass Ceramic

                • New forms, sizes and thicknesses
                • Reduced prices

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                Welcome to Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division

                Goodfellow acquired Norton Lees Ltd, better known as Technical Glass, in 2008, and we are now the Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division.  If you have been redirected here from Technical Glass then welcome to our new website.

                We supply a comprehensive range of ceramics and glasses to the research and industrial markets either as finished components to customer drawings or in an extensive range of semi-finished forms including sheets, rods and tubes for our customers to machine their own components.

                Throughout this website we have given examples of some of the components we have supplied to our customers, as well as the applications in which they have been used. Because every application is unique, members of our technical staff are qualified in Materials Science and are available to discuss all technical aspects of your projects.

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                Goodfellow strives to meet the requirements of its customers by providing:

                Quality and Compliance

                Statements, policy and accreditation

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                Finished Components

                Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division is able to supply a wide range of ceramic and glass materials as finished components.  
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